This is a new suite of web-based tools for Door & Frame elevations within submittals. TOP-View™ provides several vector-graphic views for the Total Openings Pro. As with all of our solutions, TOP-View™ is also open for integration with other 3rd party web-APIs & desktop software.

TOP-View™(Web) Subscription Options
Frame & Door Elevations/Schedule @ $500/user/year
add-on HM Frame & Door Pricing @ $300/user/year
add-on VAST™ @ $600/user/year (coming in v2 2022)
add-on TOAD-CRT™ (click here)

What's Included?

  • Frame Elevations
  • Frame Elevation Pricing
  • Door Elevations
  • NEW Hardware Configurator
  • Lite/Lock Conflict Checking
  • Several Vector-Graphic Views Including:
    • Outside View
    • Inside View
    • Hinge Jamb View
    • Strike Jamb View
    • Hardware Set View
    • Top View
    • Profile View
    • Sill View
    • Lite Mldg View
    • Frame Anchor View

TOP-View™ 2.0 has a new release for 2022! 315.679.4090